Sunday, August 11, 2013

Smoke Monkey International

Smoke Monkey International


Ted has made some poor decisions in life. And now he’s gone and done something terrible. Something truly shameful. And it’s time for him to leave. But a new life and a new town only bring new absurdities. Like Cammie, the suspiciously beautiful Mormon prep cook. And Salton Steve, the  beanpole crackpot ex-con. And why can’t Ted seem to stop killing old ladies accidentally?

And then there’s Marona Dilenta, who’s also made her share of mistakes. And as a mother, she ought to know better.  So when attempts to catch her cheating husband backfire, a mortified Marona packs her bags and slinks away. And now she’s somewhere in Central America, sitting atop an ancient ruin. It’s the middle of the night, and Professor Eugene Lattistrom may or may not have just shit his pants.

But it’s all under control. Oliver Easton’s got a plan. And Earl Bish has a better plan. And Smoke Monkey International will make everything alright.
It's just going to take a little faith.

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